What I Re-plugged into Today


This is a picture of Khan Academy. It helped me a lot in Biology I and II. Dr. Khan makes really helpful videos about numerous science concepts. This is the math portion. When you sign up for an account, they treat it like a game. You get points for watching videos, and you “unlock” achievements. Those blue blocks on the right fill in and become darker as you practice or master a specific skill or lesson within Math.

I wanted to learn more science stuff, but when I signed up, I got sucked into doing Math, instead. Something I never thought I’d say.

After getting my math on at Khan Academy, I turned on some nature sounds (PARTY!!!) and got to work on a school assignment. Way before I would normally work on it. Because procrastination is for losers. I took a break to clean the kitchen.

It felt nice and productive.

My day ended with four hours of (lousy) football and playing with my child, so I didn’t get so much done on my school assignment. But that’s okay! You can’t work/stay focused forever. And honestly, that’s not what the Unplug Initiative is about. It’s just about bettering yourself and encouraging you to take a break from social media and smartphones.

I didn’t climb Mt. Everest or win any Olympic medals, but the dishes are no longer dirty and I know how to find the prime factor of a number again, so I feel great.


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