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Me trying to learn my smartphone camera. It’s a work in progress.

Today, I was a busy bee. I didn’t make time for any fun math problems (oxymoron?) or any crazy, to-do list items that needed to be tackled (like cleaning the ceiling fans, behind the fridge, or the toilet…yuck) because I was applying for jobs left and right. Though it was only 6 jobs, they took a huge chunk out of my day. I’m definitely not complaining. Even though I grew tired with the monotonous, same questions popping up and filling in my employment history again and again, even when I had uploaded my resume, it’s nice to be putting my feelers out there and doing it hardcore.

In addition to job hunting, I’ve spent ample time on my school assignments, while taking a few breaks here and there for my beloved (hey, you have to do something while you eat; what are you, a barbarian?) and looking up random questions on poverty and cognitive function (see my previous post).

After this busy day of, well, sitting on my butt and doing a bunch of reading and writing (anything sounds dumb when you whittle it down to its core elements), I went out for pizza with my family, who was meeting up with another family that my dad has met before. The family has 3 special needs children. They were very nice and sweet, and they thought I was hilarious, which is always a plus, but I was definitely ready to go. There’s something taxing and hectic about being at a table full of people, 5 of them in total being kids.

So I’m back home, taking a last hurrah (and my last Starbucks bottled Frap) of the day before plunging back into work for the night.

I bid thee farewell for now. If you’d like to share any interesting/funny stories from your day or life, I’m always glad to listen!

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