Today’s Re-Plug

This is my son in our homemade obstacle course. It was a blast!ImageImage

I took a break from assignments and article writing to have some good, old-fashioned play time.

The day has been a focused and productive one, though I have been hyper-focused on work and school, no endeavors into interesting topics or discoveries today. It’s been liberating though as a whole to limit distractions, increase productivity and focus on what I want to do, what can improve me, and what interests me.

This is what I’ve been doing to stay on track, instead of opening up Tumblr or Facebook, or watching Youtube videos:

  • Listening to nature sounds on Youtube. If I listen to music, I tend to get obsessed with the songs, and I either want to get up and dance or get lost in a daydream. I can’t stand silence though, so nature sounds really seem to help as a background noise.
  • Putting a tangible ending point on my assignment. I can’t just tell myself I will work indefinitely; I have to set some sort of deadline, whether it’s 20 minutes of writing or finishing a paragraph.
  • Rewards. And by rewards, I really just mean breaks. Sometimes my break will just be to look up something I’ve been wondering about, other times it will be doing math problems at Khan Academy, and still other times, I will read articles over at With the reward in mind, it helps me realize that half an hour, or studying Spanish conjugations, really isn’t that bad.

I’d love to hear from you and what you’re doing!

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