Today’s [Half-Way Plugged In]

Okay, so today has been kind of a bust as far as productivity. I would feel worse about it, but I’ve been a little bit down, lacking motivation to even give half a crap, honestly. Even looming deadlines haven’t worked for two articles that I have due. I put them on Google calendars on my phone and everything, hah! But to no avail.

At least I did this today:


No, not just taking a picture of the donation express sign. I donated some of Alex’s old clothes and toys to Goodwill. So I at least feel like that’s a load off my mind (and trunk) for a good cause. It’s quality stuff too, so I don’t feel bad about just dumping it to Goodwill under the guise of charity. I prefer to donate to places that will in turn donate to people in need, instead of selling it. BUT today was different.

Well, I have a 4th Frap that might help me get motivated for writing. I’ve also applied for several jobs today, so I guess it hasn’t been a TOTAL bust.

Here’s to hoping your day was more productive. 😛

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