[Re-Plug] Not the Changes I Need, but the Changes I Deserve

IMG_0095 (2)

Healthy, cheap, and lasts for several meals–I always forget that pasta hits the trifecta of food awesomeness. Also, that sauce has vegetables in it, so BOOM on my usually non-existent daily veggie intake. Bonus points: gluten-free pasta is good for my hypoglycemia. Keeping me balanced in more ways than one.

I’m not normally someone who plans my meals in advance; I can’t even shop for more than one meal at a time when I’m at the store. But I decided to keep my entire day in mind when I went shopping today, and this is what I came back with (along with egg white and kale, tomato, goat cheese sandwiches).

I also cleaned my bathroom and washed my sheets and comforter. That’s a heck of a good re-plug! I haven’t done this many productive things in one day in awhile.

But this post isn’t about checking as many things off my to-do list as I can. It’s about celebrating even one minor victory of accomplishment. I haven’t been the best at keeping up with this blog everytime I do something that causes me to plug back into productivity. But that’s okay. I’m here now. Today is what matters. What can I do…today?

Furthermore, anytime I want to feel guilty that I’m not doing adventurous, educational, or philanthropic things to share here, I look at where I am in my life. Barely hanging on to one, insufficient job, struggling to stay in college, about to have a drastic change in my living situation that I am ill-prepared to handle, oh YEAH, and focusing on my recovery. I have to be a little selfish right now. The past few months have been survival mode; that by nature is selfish.

So the point is what I can do today. Sometimes, that means just not cussing anyone out. Other days it just means shutting myself away for a day of rest and relaxation. And days like today? I’m glad to have ’em.

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