[Re-Plug] Cleaning Up My Computer Files Makes Me Feel Like I Have My Life Together

My room is in total disarray. Dust collects on every surface. Forgotten items lie strewn about. Piles of things with no home mock me in corners. Laundry remains unwashed and unfolded (though the latter has always and forever been true since I haven’t folded my laundry in roughly a year anyway). I’m moving in a few weeks (that should probably deserve more than a sentence of recognition), but I haven’t touched anything. I’m not a disorganized, messy person by nature. I hate leaving things undone. I hate chaos. I hate doing things until the last minute. But with big things like cleaning before a move (when I am not even a full 12 months removed from the last time I freaking moved), I tend to ignore entirely.

But you know what I did do? I decluttered my files, uninstalled programs, deleted unnecessary media, and rearranged some files on my computer! Oh, and I added a cool Breaking Bad wallpaper.

So, at least I feel like I have my life together. And I just passed my one-year anniversary at my job, so there’s that. I need to stop doing these drive-by announcements for important things. My energy has been spent elsewhere though the past few weeks with school projects, work, my boyfriend, and my son. All will balance out eventually 🙂

Published by Jessica

Writer, YouTuber, streamer, gamer, yogi, self-improver--still trying to figure it all out

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