[Re-Plug] A Shot of Faith in The Dark is Worth Two in the Burning Bridge

I’m no good with metaphors and cliches, you might have learned. Whether it’s a shot of faith or a leap in the dark (which might have you drunkenly falling downstairs), I’m trying to convey that I’m taking new and exciting steps to follow my dreams.

I’m back at writing, and I’m doing something risky–I’m pursuing it nearly full-time. I say nearly because I still want a “stable”, part-time job to fall back on (do you know anyone personally who has the savings or passive income to just quit their job?). I’m putting way more work and effort into it than last time around, too. FIGURES. I change my career focus, devote my time and money to another field, adjust my dreams and aspirations accordingly, and then I start writing again? Why!

To pursue my dreams, of course. My more broad dream of not working for a corporate franchise, CEOverlord, or other similar, restricting job. I still need money though, if I want to make it out of school and get to my real dream job of operating a camera in unpredictable weather and editing footage for days that may or may not have come out the way I wanted (I’m willingly getting into this?).

To sustain a living until then, I reverted to the one thing I already know how to do: write.

I took a step today that I haven’t done previously. I created a portfolio. It’s taken me embarrassingly long to even fully know what a portfolio is and can do for a writer. I had writing samples. I had resumes. I had multiple samples and resumes for various writing jobs. But never a full-blown portfolio. So here it is! It was free, and not as time-consuming as I thought it would be.


My writing career is a stepping stone–maybe forever a secondary career, no matter where I go (would that make it a big ole boulder?). I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch, but I think things are going to go way up from here.

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Writer, YouTuber, streamer, gamer, yogi, self-improver--still trying to figure it all out

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