What Do Drug Dealers, Corporate Professionals, and Aspiring Filmmakers Have in Common?

I marveled in “Sons of Anarchy”, and then later, “Breaking Bad”, how outlaws found themselves such great hookups. They had someone to talk to, someone to ask favors of, someone to get product from, or sell product to. Someone always knew a guy who knew a guy who could help them. It dawned on me that drug dealers and rebel motorcycle gangs have to be really good at networking. This is not unlike myself, in my journey as a video production student and up-and-coming filmmaker.

So what I’m saying is that I, Walter White, and Jax Teller have a lot in common.

Image: Walter White of "Breaking Bad"
Walter White (Bryan Cranston) – Breaking Bad – Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC
Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) – Sons of Anarchy – Photo Credit: NY Daily News

I, too, am the danger. No, but seriously. It’s all about who you know.

Networking has been a scary thing for me because, although none of my friends would describe me as shy or introverted, I actually do have a hard time introducing myself, establishing what I can do, and creating a professional relationship.

Yesterday, I took my first step though. I put myself out there, just a little, and it wasn’t scary at all. Although it was the last day of class, I had not talked to anyone in this particular course because it was a big group and no one had been big on talking to anyone outside their clique. I reached out to another student that last day, despite my hangups. It was a huge confidence booster to talk to her, since the professor really admired her work. I was excited to work with her possibly, and she assured me the feeling was mutual. Even bigger confidence booster! Then we added each other on Twitter and became officially friends. I added another classmate from the same group on Instagram, and immediately began daydreaming of a video concept that she could star in (because I love her look). My professor for that class brought up her Women in Film group many times that semester. I told her that as a video production major, I was excited to learn more and get feedback on my work. So I finally joined her group, and may even reach out to her for an end-of-the-semester visit to get advice.

I may not be a smooth-talking dealmaker like Clay Morrow, but I took a big step for me. I started treatments when I got home on the next projects I could work on over the summer, keeping my new friends in mind. I guess this is how all the successful people get started–they start at the bottom.

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