[Re-Plug] Letting It All Air Out

It’s hard to be productive when you’re tired, feeling down, dreading work, school, or assignments/projects. Being in a bad mental place can affect your ability to function. Lately, that’s been me somewhat. I don’t really like my current job (I’ve been there about 6 weeks). I don’t look forward to going in. I start feeling bummed out when I think about it. I find a dreadful feeling building up in my stomach as I go in. So in all my spare time, I try desperately to escape that feeling by relaxing and having fun in any way that distracts me. This has come in the form of Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2, an XBox game I am obsessed with. I haven’t loved a game this much since 2003, when I spent every spare moment playing Tomb Raider II on Playstation.

But enough game talk, there’s more to this story.

Yesterday, I had the option to play my fave game all morning before work at 3pm, or do something. Like anything on my to-do list. I didn’t want to spend my time before work “working” on anything else, but I knew things needed to be done. I also had a small hunch that it might make me feel better mentally and physically (cleaning has that effect on me).

After dishes and other miscellaneous cleaning/declutter/tidying items, I went to the hard work. Dragged all my car mats out of my car and washed them by hand (I sprayed on an interior cleaner, then rinsed it off in the shower) and laid them out to dry on my patio. [See featured photo!]

Next, I dusted the inside of my car with a swiffer and wiped it down with a cleaning wipe. It wasn’t too bad inside because I do it regularly (it’s the easiest way to keep my car clean, not like vacuuming it or washing it).

Since I was going through this quick, I didn’t vacuum the interior. Also, I live on the second floor, and I would look a bit ridiculous hauling a vacuum downstairs that was attached by a long-ass extension cord. I’m not going to redneck this. I’ll vacuum it next time I go through the car wash.

Speaking of which, I also didn’t wash the exterior. I applied a no-water cleaning wax to the front in order to get off the bug guts and tar, things like that. After finishing with a microfiber towel, it looked wonderful. I didn’t have the patience or energy to do the whole car, but I plan to someday. Add that to my next to-do list.

I am proud of myself for pushing to be productive and knock a big thing off my to-do list. Anti-procrastination, even in the face of negative feelings, felt really good. And it did lift my spirits and make me feel good physically, since I had a bit of an endorphins rush from the cardio activity accidentally caused.

It’s not always this easy to put down the controller, phone, computer, whatever that’s distracting/relaxing you. Nor is it always necessary. But when you push yourself at all, it’s usually going to feel good.

Now I can breathe easy going into work, due to that fresh smell in my car, I mean.

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