[Re-Plug] A Giant Confidence Booster in an Unlikely Place

Allow me a moment to be proud of myself for a second: I fixed my boyfriend’s computer. And I FREAKING rocked it!

While not exactly a computer programming genius, I, like most people of my generation, know my way around a computer and its basic fixes (also, they’re so damn intuitive, it’s hard not to). His computer, however, had me stumped. It had been plagued by the awful and infamous Blue Screen of Death, failing to start at all, even in safe mode.

It had been an endless cycle of start, restart, possible fix #1, restart, oops that didn’t work, restart again, possible fix #2, repeat ad nauseam.

Had been. Until this terribly outdated, not even impressive at all Sony Vaio found me. Or I found it. I may not be the hero it deserves, but I’m the one it needed.

And needed I was. So I went! I did. I came. I conquered. (I dramatized it exponentially for comedy’s sake on my blog).

Admittedly, this was a job well over my expertise that involved a lot of researching to educate myself on possible fixes, then trying to force his computer to do those things, usually ending in absolutely no change whatsoever.

It was really terrible. I honestly thought I never was going to fix it. It took days and multiple trial and error responses, most of which I thought were going to work, only to be disappointed in the end. I had to walk away from it so many times because I felt defeated. But I generally don’t give up, and I like the challenge.

So I kept at it. For funsies.

I celebrate this win because I didn’t give up, because I pushed myself to learn, because I pushed myself past the uncomfortable And it actually freaking worked! I didn’t just walk away with some moral about patience and persistence, using my inner strength, rising to the occasion and having integrity blah blah, whatever.

It resulted in the thing I wanted it to, that’s the moral here. I pushed and didn’t give up–and it got me what I freaking wanted!

And if you think I just like to take little things like this and extrapolate to all of my existence and journey as a human, you are right.

Published by Jessica

Writer, YouTuber, streamer, gamer, yogi, self-improver--still trying to figure it all out

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