[Re-Plug] Learning Basic Domestic Skills On My Own

Normally I would pay to have clothing alterations done for me–or better yet, throw out the old, crappy ones and replace them with newer and better ones. As expensive and stupid as that may be, it’s always been far easier and palatable to me than learning to make basic amendments to my clothing.

Lately though, in a cost-saving effort, I’ve been attempting my own patchups with absolutely no training. Sure, I saw my mom and grandma do this type of thing. I’m sure they tried to pass along advice that I’ve long forgotten by now. Other than that, I was going in completely unarmed. I refused to even google basic instructions.

With my own two hands, a bit of determination, and a lot of patience, I learned that I am going to just keep paying someone else to do it.

The featured picture is just me ironing on a patch for a gaping hole. I’m pretty sure I ruined the fabric of the jeans. That actually came with instructions, and I still screwed it up, to my dismay.

Not pictured are the holes in both groin areas of my beloved yoga pants. My neck ached from bending over those damn things for so long. I only got one side “finished”. I had no idea what to do with the leftover thread except tie a hilariously small knot (or a few) and just cut the excess. It was an ugly mess, still wrought with loose ends that had no homes.

I’m sure I could learn easily by looking it up online and applying myself. But honestly, I’ve got better things to worry about. I don’t really get any joy out of “doing it by hand” in this case.

Besides, the tailors of the world still need business.

Published by Jessica

Writer, YouTuber, streamer, gamer, yogi, self-improver--still trying to figure it all out

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