Re-Plug: How Computer Programming Inspired Me

Curiosity killed the cat. But it drove me to revisit an old topic today. Customizing someone else’s blog theme and finding its errors had me looking at HTML coding and CSS for the first time in almost a decade. Actually, back in 2006, I don’t think CSS was really big yet–at least, not to aContinue reading “Re-Plug: How Computer Programming Inspired Me”

I couldn’t take a decent selfie, so I settled for purposely weird

Yesterday, I was able to finally take the first steps toward cleaning my bathroom! Instead of a picture of the trash I took out and the toilet I cleaned, I figured uncomfortable selfie was the way to go. Today, I have worked and had an argument with my dad. Not so much to celebrate today,Continue reading “I couldn’t take a decent selfie, so I settled for purposely weird”

Right in the nostalgia

Busting out some of my toys from almost 20 years ago. Even though my 3-year-old is still a little young for them, I knew he would have fun. The fun I had in organizing the cats and putting everything its place was like muscle memory to me. However, the fact that I couldn’t remember certainContinue reading “Right in the nostalgia”

Re-Plug: What I did today

It was only two hours, but I finally began volunteering at the VA hospital. Oh the adventures I will encounter there! If today’s brief, but packed, day will lend anything to my future experience, it’s gonna be one heck of a ride. But I like being able to help the patients and make an impactContinue reading “Re-Plug: What I did today”

Not plugging into anything lately

But listening to music that pumps me up and taking selfies. I’ve all but abandoned school. Guilt and apathy coincide in comfort with one another while I neglect responsibilities. My writing ambitions have waned. Important exams and other deadlines come and go. And I feel nothing. The only time I feel happy is when I’mContinue reading “Not plugging into anything lately”

Body language

The difference between the top and the bottom photos–what do they tell you? The one on top is someone who is possibly intimidated or afraid, maybe a little unsure, and thus, withdrawing or protecting herself. Meanwhile, the bottom photo is someone who is more confident and assertive, with no uncertainty or hesitance. I found myselfContinue reading “Body language”

[Re-Plug] – What I Did Yesterday

Victory is mine! Or something. I had my first on-the-job training experience at my new job yesterday. I’m quite exhausted physically, but I feel good. I feel like I’ve finally found a home. Meanwhile, on spring break from school, so I have been re-evaluating my writing priorities, both with professional freelancing and with creative endeavorsContinue reading “[Re-Plug] – What I Did Yesterday”