Oh, LAWD. It’s showing up in the brain, y’all

It looks like internet addiction is just as real of an addiction as anything. This article shows how the brains of internet addicts are different from everyone else’s “both in the connections between cells and in the brain areas that control attention, executive control, and emotion processing”. So those of us with excessive preoccupation involvingContinue reading “Oh, LAWD. It’s showing up in the brain, y’all”

Today’s Re-Plug: The Job Search Variety

After scurrying around in desperate mode in my job search, I landed an interview for a commercial customer service job. Not my ideal gig, but I think I could do a good job. I’ve been following up on previous applications and applying my tail off through every company and job search site that I can.Continue reading “Today’s Re-Plug: The Job Search Variety”

Today’s [Half-Way Plugged In]

Okay, so today has been kind of a bust as far as productivity. I would feel worse about it, but I’ve been a little bit down, lacking motivation to even give half a crap, honestly. Even looming deadlines haven’t worked for two articles that I have due. I put them on Google calendars on myContinue reading “Today’s [Half-Way Plugged In]”

Today’s Re-Plug

This is my son in our homemade obstacle course. It was a blast! I took a break from assignments and article writing to have some good, old-fashioned play time. The day has been a focused and productive one, though I have been hyper-focused on work and school, no endeavors into interesting topics or discoveries today.Continue reading “Today’s Re-Plug”

Re-Plug: What I Connected to Today

Okay, if your first response is, “Big deal, you did your freaking laundry,” you’d be correct. But you don’t understand. My laundry basket is a perpetual cycle of taking out clothes I want to wear, then filling it back up with clean clothes once I finally wash them. However, it always remains half-full. Today, forContinue reading “Re-Plug: What I Connected to Today”

Today I Connected To…

Me trying to learn my smartphone camera. It’s a work in progress. Today, I was a busy bee. I didn’t make time for any fun math problems (oxymoron?) or any crazy, to-do list items that needed to be tackled (like cleaning the ceiling fans, behind the fridge, or the toilet…yuck) because I was applying forContinue reading “Today I Connected To…”

How Poverty Affects the Brain

How Poverty Affects the Brain   Just a random thought I had floating around in my head after reading an article yesterday. What does being poor do to you mentally? When you grow up with financial struggles that the middle class does not have, how does it affect you intellectually? The linked article is notContinue reading “How Poverty Affects the Brain”