Things I Don’t Miss Hearing in a Corporate Environment

After nearly four years in various business casual, sit-at-a-desk jobs, I noticed that certain words and phrases permeated the culture. It was like trading in for a “big girl” job meant you had to incorporate the lame jargon, along with your sense of political correctness and use for dress pants. Here are some things thatContinue reading “Things I Don’t Miss Hearing in a Corporate Environment”

[Re-Plug] Things I Am Good At (Hint: Not Writing Lists Like This)

In the interest of building my self-esteem and developing the skill of self-validation, I made a list of things I’m good at. Ironically, it strongly brought to light one of my biggest flaws: perfectionism. Some entries are too wordy, while others aren’t descriptive enough. The answers are too erratic and span too broad of aContinue reading “[Re-Plug] Things I Am Good At (Hint: Not Writing Lists Like This)”

[Re-Plug] A Rough Guide to Nutrition

This hastily-written, not at all comprehensive guide to my nutrition is the groundwork for re-building my physical health and wellness. After poring over various meal tracker and recipe apps, I just decided to go old fashioned and write down foods and complementary items that I like. It’s not exhaustive, like I said, but it helped jumpstartContinue reading “[Re-Plug] A Rough Guide to Nutrition”

27 on the 27th

This is not a feel-good post. Probably. I haven’t decided yet. I turn 27 this year, on October 27th. Ten years ago, I never thought I would look back today and say “ten years ago” and feel some semblance of time passing in a big way. Of course, time passes the same for everyone, butContinue reading “27 on the 27th”

4 Extremely Simple Things That Helped Make My Life A Lot Better

My life is a whirlwind of chaos sometimes. And I’m not exactly the kind of girl who does hour-long meditations. I’m the kind of girl though who comes up with real solutions. I know I’m a mess. I know I’m chaos walking. I’m not trying to be Miss Go with the Flow all the sudden.Continue reading “4 Extremely Simple Things That Helped Make My Life A Lot Better”

Consider This the Before Picture

I’m not really crafty. Or handy. Or imaginative with projects. But somehow, someway, with the help of the internet, I’m going to do something with these items that I got at the lumberjack show at the Tennessee State Fair. I don’t know what I’m going to do, really, beyond sanding the little chair and staining it.Continue reading “Consider This the Before Picture”

[RePlug] Haircuts and Paid Bills

I’m not the best at keeping up with my appearance. I do in my own way, but my style is low maintenance. It’s a big deal to me when I take the time and effort to schedule and pay for a haircut. Then there’s the annoyance of where to go. Great clips has burned meContinue reading “[RePlug] Haircuts and Paid Bills”

They Want Me to Find the Gray Area, but I’m Full-Blown Color

I once had a friend tell me, “scruples and you never got along well, did you?”. An ex-boyfriend told me that I did “no things by halves”. I never thought of myself as an extremist–all up or all down, all in or all out, passionate or totally apathetic, black or white. But maybe I am. The moreContinue reading “They Want Me to Find the Gray Area, but I’m Full-Blown Color”

[Re-Plug] Adult Things That Some Adults Don’t Do

I used to be good with money. Then I lost my job (twice in 12 months), got into massive debt, fell into depression, and stopped caring how much money I spent. In the past six months, I’ve realized I need some extra assistance with how to budget. Despite what my pride told me, budgeting was noContinue reading “[Re-Plug] Adult Things That Some Adults Don’t Do”