How I Learned to Admire Those Incompetent Idiots Who Get Promoted Against All Odds

Today has been a big day for me at work. First, I won an award for excellent customer service, which had me a) wiping away tears and trying not to full-on cry, b) smiling incredibly big, c) reflecting on all those times I provided amazing service and how it’s finally paying off, and d) mentallyContinue reading “How I Learned to Admire Those Incompetent Idiots Who Get Promoted Against All Odds”

Who Am I Today?

I was dogsitting last week at a beautiful condo in a very well-to-do town (in one of the top ten richest counties of the country). All of my clients have been in this area and can afford things like shopping at Whole Foods, elaborate decor, and, well, a dogsitter. I mention this because they live a life I’veContinue reading “Who Am I Today?”

What Are the Benefits of Recovery? (An Incomplete List)

I am not an expert on recovery. I am, however, an  expert in avoiding recovery. Recovery isn’t something I actively chose to gave up, but little by little, the choices I made defaulted against it. Of course, you might also argue that recovery isn’t so black and white. But if I compare my life sixContinue reading “What Are the Benefits of Recovery? (An Incomplete List)”

[Re-Plug] What I’ve Been Learning

For those who already know what this is, you might be laughing at how rudimentary my skills are. For those who don’t know, let me tell you: this is JavaScript. A programming language that involves writing the code you see on the left to create the picture you see on the right. I worked reallyContinue reading “[Re-Plug] What I’ve Been Learning”

Nina Simone – “Feeling Good”

  (Picture courtesy Late Voice) This song has been in my head since hearing it for the first time on Pandora. Yes, it’s a shame that I’m only hearing it now, after being exposed to so many other great classic songs of the same era, albeit different genres. Finally, a chance to hear this jazzContinue reading “Nina Simone – “Feeling Good””

My Perspective is My Reality

I’ve talked, at times, about fitness and health, recovery, and being productive. In fact, I’ve talked about a lot of topics, actually. Lately, I haven’t known what direction I really am going–on my blog or in my life. I’m here, there, and everywhere. I want to be fit and healthy. I want to be knee-deepContinue reading “My Perspective is My Reality”

Thoughts and Things: Moving and Moodiness

The halfway point between where you are and where you’re going is insanity. At least, that’s true when it comes to moving. I also learned that the cliche “home is where the heart is” reeks of bovine dumpings. Home is where your stuff is–because my heart is wherever all the cash is. Still trying toContinue reading “Thoughts and Things: Moving and Moodiness”

[Re-Plug] Day 1 is Relative

This is not me. This is Adrienne from the aptly named “Yoga with Adrienne” channel on Youtube. I did Day 1 of her 30 Days of Yoga Challenge today. I’ve had plenty of day ones that were also my last days, so I’m not here to make some big proclamation and inspire you to doContinue reading “[Re-Plug] Day 1 is Relative”

[Re-Plug] A Spurt of Productivity

Here we have it. Proof today that I was productive. And this is but a tiny fraction of my productivity. I’ve paid bills, called conditional employers, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned my shower, and did another round of handwashed laundry. And of course the above, picture-perfect sink. As I vigorously scrubbed weeks of food off theContinue reading “[Re-Plug] A Spurt of Productivity”

Chinese Fortunes Do Not Equal Causation

I find fortune cookies to at least be entertaining, if nothing else. I cracked this one open and had to chuckle. I’ve been laid off my primary job for the past two weeks and quit my second job over a month ago. It’s not exactly the best time in my life to be without income, asContinue reading “Chinese Fortunes Do Not Equal Causation”