[Re-Plug] A Giant Confidence Booster in an Unlikely Place

Allow me a moment to be proud of myself for a second: I fixed my boyfriend’s computer. And I FREAKING rocked it! While not exactly a computer programming genius, I, like most people of my generation, know my way around a computer and its basic fixes (also, they’re so damn intuitive, it’s hard not to).Continue reading “[Re-Plug] A Giant Confidence Booster in an Unlikely Place”

[Re-Plug] What I’ve Been Learning

For those who already know what this is, you might be laughing at how rudimentary my skills are. For those who don’t know, let me tell you: this is JavaScript. A programming language that involves writing the code you see on the left to create the picture you see on the right. I worked reallyContinue reading “[Re-Plug] What I’ve Been Learning”

Re-Plug: How Computer Programming Inspired Me

Curiosity killed the cat. But it drove me to revisit an old topic today. Customizing someone else’s blog theme and finding its errors had me looking at HTML coding and CSS for the first time in almost a decade. Actually, back in 2006, I don’t think CSS was really big yet–at least, not to aContinue reading “Re-Plug: How Computer Programming Inspired Me”