[Re-Plug] A Rough Guide to Nutrition

This hastily-written, not at all comprehensive guide to my nutrition is┬áthe groundwork for re-building my physical health and wellness. After poring over various meal tracker and recipe apps, I just decided to go old fashioned and write down foods and complementary items that I like. It’s not exhaustive, like I said, but it helped jumpstartContinue reading “[Re-Plug] A Rough Guide to Nutrition”

[Re-Plug] A Step in the Right Direction

My eating habits have been embarrassing and a source of guilt for me over the past few months. Though I’ve made plenty of good choices, it’s never good enough to shut up the inner critic. If I were listening to that inner critic, they would tell me this meal still isn’t good enough. But it’sContinue reading “[Re-Plug] A Step in the Right Direction”