Can I Learn Anything from Nostalgia?

I drove through my hometown recently. I had just gotten done running an errand in the neighboring town, one I have rarely visited since leaving the area. I had the Black Crowes’ new album playing. I was still in my work clothes, ready to be done and back home, which was over an hour away.Continue reading “Can I Learn Anything from Nostalgia?”

Who Am I Today?

I was dogsitting last week at a beautiful condo in a very well-to-do town (in one of the top ten richest counties of the country). All of my clients have been in this area and can afford things like shopping at Whole Foods, elaborate decor, and, well, a dogsitter. I mention this because they live a life I’veContinue reading “Who Am I Today?”

Right in the nostalgia

Busting out some of my toys from almost 20 years ago. Even though my 3-year-old is still a little young for them, I knew he would have fun. The fun I had in organizing the cats and putting everything its place was like muscle memory to me. However, the fact that I couldn’t remember certainContinue reading “Right in the nostalgia”