Searching for Significance

  I crave significance. Why I do isn’t very important. When I say crave significance, I mean, from a young age, I have wanted my life to matter in a profound way. I fear being insignificant or meaningless. Through the years, I have tried all kinds of ways to create meaning. When I was aContinue reading “Searching for Significance”

If You’re Struggling, This is For You

Exactly zero people have wondered where I’ve been. I’m not going to apologize and go into some lengthy explanation about my blog and my writing–because literally no one cares. I am making a “where I’ve been” post though because I think there are others out there who need to hear what I’m about to say. IContinue reading “If You’re Struggling, This is For You”

Thoughts and Things: Moving and Moodiness

The halfway point between where you are and where you’re going is insanity. At least, that’s true when it comes to moving. I also learned that the cliche “home is where the heart is” reeks of bovine dumpings. Home is where your stuff is–because my heart is wherever all the cash is. Still trying toContinue reading “Thoughts and Things: Moving and Moodiness”

Today I Connected To…

Me trying to learn my smartphone camera. It’s a work in progress. Today, I was a busy bee. I didn’t make time for any fun math problems (oxymoron?) or any crazy, to-do list items that needed to be tackled (like cleaning the ceiling fans, behind the fridge, or the toilet…yuck) because I was applying forContinue reading “Today I Connected To…”