The Sunshine Blogger Awards

I feel honored to be nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by someone I admire in the blogging world, Gemma Newbery. She’s the writer and founder of the blog Help Me, I’m Adulting. It’s a fantastic and fun blog, definitely check her out. My favorite post (so far!) is 4 Easy Ways of Finding ForgottenContinue reading “The Sunshine Blogger Awards”

What’s The Purpose of Having A Purpose?

I’ve worked a variety of jobs over the past 14 years. From retail to corporate desk jobs, gas stations to chain restaurants, I feel like I’ve done my fair share of different jobs. There have been low-paying ones (quite a few of those) and high-paying ones. I’ve had good bosses and terrible ones. I’ve stayedContinue reading “What’s The Purpose of Having A Purpose?”