Re-Plug: How Computer Programming Inspired Me

Curiosity killed the cat. But it drove me to revisit an old topic today. Customizing someone else’s blog theme and finding its errors had me looking at HTML coding and CSS for the first time in almost a decade. Actually, back in 2006, I don’t think CSS was really big yet–at least, not to aContinue reading “Re-Plug: How Computer Programming Inspired Me”

I couldn’t take a decent selfie, so I settled for purposely weird

Yesterday, I was able to finally take the first steps toward cleaning my bathroom! Instead of a picture of the trash I took out and the toilet I cleaned, I figured uncomfortable selfie was the way to go. Today, I have worked and had an argument with my dad. Not so much to celebrate today,Continue reading “I couldn’t take a decent selfie, so I settled for purposely weird”

Re-Plug: What I did today

It was only two hours, but I finally began volunteering at the VA hospital. Oh the adventures I will encounter there! If today’s brief, but packed, day will lend anything to my future experience, it’s gonna be one heck of a ride. But I like being able to help the patients and make an impactContinue reading “Re-Plug: What I did today”

[Re-Plug] – What I Did Yesterday

Victory is mine! Or something. I had my first on-the-job training experience at my new job yesterday. I’m quite exhausted physically, but I feel good. I feel like I’ve finally found a home. Meanwhile, on spring break from school, so I have been re-evaluating my writing priorities, both with professional freelancing and with creative endeavorsContinue reading “[Re-Plug] – What I Did Yesterday”

Down, but not Derailed

What’s that famous quote that says something like, “Life is what happens when you’re busy trying to write articles for deadlines and get school assignments done”? Well, it’s been a fitting summary of the past few days. But work and deadlines aren’t the most important thing. I have no cool articles or videos to shareContinue reading “Down, but not Derailed”

Re-Plug: What I Connected to Today

Okay, if your first response is, “Big deal, you did your freaking laundry,” you’d be correct. But you don’t understand. My laundry basket is a perpetual cycle of taking out clothes I want to wear, then filling it back up with clean clothes once I finally wash them. However, it always remains half-full. Today, forContinue reading “Re-Plug: What I Connected to Today”

Today I Connected To…

Me trying to learn my smartphone camera. It’s a work in progress. Today, I was a busy bee. I didn’t make time for any fun math problems (oxymoron?) or any crazy, to-do list items that needed to be tackled (like cleaning the ceiling fans, behind the fridge, or the toilet…yuck) because I was applying forContinue reading “Today I Connected To…”