How Poverty Affects the Brain

How Poverty Affects the Brain


Just a random thought I had floating around in my head after reading an article yesterday. What does being poor do to you mentally?

When you grow up with financial struggles that the middle class does not have, how does it affect you intellectually?

The linked article is not new; in fact, I think I saw someone share it on Facebook last year, but it’s very interesting. It’s not saying poor people aren’t smart, just that they are just so mentally and emotionally exhausted that they don’t have the capacity for other things. My dad has said similar things now that he and his wife have started making more money. With less stress for finances, they have more room to think and grow in other areas.

The same author did a follow up article, which I find equally fascinating. It’s about how the effects of poverty can even continue in Adulthood. Interesting reads.

Just some things I was pondering and decided to look up today. More to come later today. 🙂

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