Okay, if your first response is, “Big deal, you did your freaking laundry,” you’d be correct. But you don’t understand. My laundry basket is a perpetual cycle of taking out clothes I want to wear, then filling it back up with clean clothes once I finally wash them. However, it always remains half-full.

Today, for the first time in literally MONTHS that I have folded clothes (I can’t even recall which month I last folded clothes, but this featured several tanktops, so I’m thinking it’s been awhile).

Also, I re-learned how to multiply negative numbers via Khan Academy (as I shared on my first Re-Plug post), and knocked out a bunch of deadlines for Spanish homework and writing clients.

I feel accomplished! I will admit, I didn’t stay at my desk today nearly as much as I did yesterday, but I feel good. I’m not ashamed. I didn’t feel like I mindlessly wasted time even when I wasn’t working (which is always good). Still keeping myself uncluttered and un-distracted by limiting Tumblr time and not going on Facebook right now.

Here’s to hoping for more good things along the way!

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