I don’t know what the above figures mean, and I sure as heck don’t know what LPI is. I’m sure it’s a ploy by the creators to get me to pay $11.99 PER MONTH for this app. My simplistic brain likes the numbers and the graph presentation though. While some might enjoy paying an unreasonable amount to analyze things like brain attention and flexibility, as well as diving into a complex explanation of how those terms apply to cognitive function, I see my brain scores and think, “I can make that little colored bar grow, YES”.

Ladies and gentlemen, the slightly above-average Luminosity app! Primarily a desktop version, the mobile app for Luminosity is pretty similar: “brain workouts” in a game format. It’s fun, it’s good for your head, and, most importantly for potential revenue, it’s designed to be addictive.

Like I’ve said with the Duolingo app and about Khan Academy (probably), it’s not the worst thing to be addicted to. Bettering yourself in any way is always a good thing. I don’t care if my brain has to be tricked into it.

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