[Re-plug] I did a Yoga Sequence for the First Time in 10 months


I haven’t regularly practiced yoga in a year.

I did a very simple sequence today for better posture that was only ten minutes. I had done all the poses with ease in my previous yoga life. Halfway through, I felt like quitting.

All evening, I’ve felt the corrected muscles in my back ache slightly. It hasn’t stopped. The muscles have already been woken up and repositioned. What was once bad form and weak posture is being broken down so that it can be built back up. With practice, my back will get stronger. My posture will get better. I won’t notice the pain.

I couldn’t help but draw parallels between my physical health and mental health.

I experience pain as I do trauma recovery work and the 12 steps in my addiction program. But it’s a different pain. It’s uncovering what’s underneath the symptoms and treating it. I’m going through a mental health routine in order to build up my strength and get better. In time, I won’t notice the pain. Things will get better. This too shall pass.

The present pain is for future glory. I will smile again and it won’t be forced. There are bigger and better things that await me. Today is just a stepping stone. Focusing on how I can make it count toward that end goal.

Published by Jessica

Writer, YouTuber, streamer, gamer, yogi, self-improver--still trying to figure it all out

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